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Ceramic white clay no. 11 (1000-1300°C)



Witgert stoneware of white colour No. 11 without chamotte content. This clay is one of the most popular ceramic clays used in hobby workshops.

Basic price for purchase of 10–990 kg per quality.

10% discount for purchases from 1 tonne per quality.

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White stoneware no. 11 is characterised by its high plasticity and distinctive white colour. It is one of the best materials on the market for detailed work. Together with masses 2 and 10, it is one of the best-selling clays in our range for a long time. Due to its light colouring, glazes stand out well on it, their colour is not distorted even with semi-transparent glazes. The quality of the clay as well as the packaging corresponds to the high standard of all German Witgert ceramic clays. The clay no. 11 does not contain chamotte and is therefore suitable for the production of smaller or medium-sized products. For larger or robust products we also offer this clay in chamotte versions. Fine sharpening 11 sf 0.2 (25% of fireclay 0 - 0.2 mm) and normal medium sharpening 11 sf (25% of fireclay 0 - 0.5 mm).

Witgert masses are well packaged in a strong PE bag secured with an aluminum clip. They can be easily transported and the clasp on the package can be re-closed with pliers when the required quantity is removed. Witgert ceramics are produced using wet or semi-dry technology (flakes). They are not made from dry powdered or granulated mixtures, which avoids the hardening that is common with such materials, which occurs after a certain period of storage even without breaking the packaging.

For long-term storage of our ceramic clays, we recommend placing them in a low-heated area (garage, basement, etc.) without the risk of freezing, put them in a black bag and tie them up. The absence of light will prevent the formation of mould. Stored in this way, the materials have a virtually unlimited shelf life.

Data sheet

Recommended firing1000 - 1300°C
Chamotte contentwithout chamotte
Type of matterstoneware
Colourlight cream to white
Shrinkage during drying6,2%
Firing shrinkage by 1000°C2,0%
Firing shrinkage by 1100°C5,6%
Firing shrinkage by 1200°C5,6%
Firing shrinkage by 1300°C5,4%
Water absorption by 1000°C15,0%
Water absorption by 1100°C8,2%
Water absorption by 1200°C2,4%
Water absorption by 1300°C0,3%


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Great product sir, Buy instagram verificatin

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