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Muffle furnaces

In this category you will find a large selection of quality Nabertherm muffle furnaces. Muffle furnaces are usually used for universal laboratory purposes – frequent use is, for example, in medical, dental, scientific or school laboratories. Muffle furnaces are also used in laboratories at manufacturing companies; in analyzing input materials to checking samples from finished produts before shipping. You can often find muffle furnaces in jewelery workshops. A typical muffle furnace reaches a maximum temperature of 1200°C, providing protection for the heating elements in the ceramic muffle. Hence the corresponding name „muffle furnace“. In that way, the element is protected against thermal shocks if the sample is to be loaded or unloaded in a hot state,  and also protected against aggressive substances which can be released from the sample during firing.

Why muffle furnaces from us?

Per customer's request, we can adjust muffle furnaces to the specific conditions and requirements of your laboratory. The most common requirements for muffle furnaces are the following:

•   chimneys,
•   fans,
•   catalysts,
•   temperature limiters,
•   openings for muffle furnaces for external thermocouple,
•   manual or automatic gassing systems for non-flammable protective gases (N2, Ar, forming gas  etc.).  

The more demanding modifications to muffle furnaces include a scale which is linked to a software that records and displays via TGA graph any loss of annealing to temperature and time. We register increasing requirements of muffle furnaces by combustion (for example ashing plastics or food samples). Muffle furnaces for combustion processes with a higher content of organics are most often equipped with a safety technology and additional filter, its own combustion chamber and control.

We cooperate closely with the leading furnace manufacturer Nabertherm. Thanks to this we are able to provide for you any variety of laboratory muffle furnace with respect to inner volume, types of control, bottom plates or trays, etc. Selected muffle furnaces can be personally tested with specific  samples at Nabertherm's Test Center at its headquarters, which is unique in the global market.


Benefits of working with us:

Expert advice – whenever you need to contact us for advice. We will help you define the furnace parameters according to your requirements and then choose the most suitable laboratory muffle furnace with regards to your budget.

Wide range and individualization – thanks to our extensive stock options, and especially with regard to direct cooperation with muffle furnace manufacturers, we are able to offer you a selection of specific equipment, one of the few in the Czech Republic. Together, with the manufacturer, we can customize the muffle furnace for you according to your detailed requirements, we can deliver it to your destination upon request, and train the furnace and contoller operators.

Delivery speed – most of the standard muffle furnaces are in stock at the factory for fast delivery. We can ensure customized muffle furnaces, with our close cooperation, to be delivered within reasonable time.

Laboratory muffle furnace

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Introduction of the assortment

In our product range you will find Nabertherm muffle furnaces as the global market leader. We supply muffle furnace of various volumetric sizes, maximum temperatures and other specific parametres, e.g. in respect to specifics of the control (programmable temperature curve segments), opening method, protective gas connections, accessories, etc. Our furnaces excel in excellent temperature control with high accuracy and minimal deviation, are renowned for their first-class workmanship, excellent spare parts availability - even for really old furnaces. They excel in quality insulating materials that are classified as non-carcinogenic.

When choosing the ideal muffle furnace from our range, you need to decide which controller to use with the furnace. Whether you only need to achieve and keep a set temperature, or require a certain firing curve with temperature heat-up ramps, dwells and cooling (so-called segments). Furthermore, it is necessary to solve the type of construction, the most convenient is the full stainless steel design. Customers will also require an actively cooled shell and excellent insulation materials for the muffle furnace with regard to the specifications of the laboratory operation. As well, customers will decide whether to choose pull-forward doors – these can be used as a work platform when loading; or lift doors, which we recommend  when handling a hot charge. The hot insulation wall is located at a safe distance from the operator. The price of both varieties is the same, no extra charge.

The big advantage of Nabertherm products is their environmentally friendly and safety aspects. While other manufacturers still use cheaper thermal insulations that are classified as carcinogenic (the laws of their use allow for these purposes), Nabertherm guarantees that these insulations are not used in the furnace.

Most popular:

Muffle furnace Nabertherm L, LT 3/11Muffle furnace Nabertherm LE 1/11

Muffle furnace Nabertherm LE 2/11Muffle furnace Nabertherm L, LT 15/11

If you plan to purchase a muffle furnace for your laboratory and do not choose from the current e-shop selection, then send us an inquiry, we will provide you with interesting pricing conditions and powerful equipment tailored to your requirements. You can buy muffle furnaces most conveniently with us.


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