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Ceramic machines and equipment

In this category, you can find a range of ceramic machines and equipment which are used to speed up and facilitate ceramic work. If you run a ceramic workshop, you definitely cannot do it without these helpers. We are the biggest supplier of ceramic machines and equipment in Czech Republic/Slovakia. 
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    Slab roller

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    Table slab roller

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    Table slab roller

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    Glazing spray booth SB-1

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    Table slab roller Kittec RS

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  • Spare set of canvas for Kittec RS (2 pcs)

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  • The ZK 450HD jolly and jigger wheel is designed to speed up ceramic production by the technique of jollying ceramic mass into plaster moulds.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 51 items

When speaking of ceramic machines and equipment for ceramics, we are mainly thinking about:  

Slab rollers,
Pressers for profiles,
Sedimentation basins,
Spray boxes,
Industrial machines and equipment.
Note: we offer ceramic kilns and pottery wheels in separate categories

Slab rollers

The most common ceramic equipment (beside wheels and kilns) which you can find in many ceramic workshops. This ceramic equipment saves time and effort in workshops, where it is often modelled manually. With a slab roller, you can very easily make bats of clay with equal thickness and minimal effort. Thanks to this ceramic equipment, you can eliminate laborious and tedious process of modelling. Twice this is true in the hobby workshops where the lector prepares splits as semi-finished products for children creation.
We distinguish:
Table slab rollers,
Freestanding slab rollers.

This ceramic equipment is also available in various standards, from hobby using to professional variants.  

Slab roller for ceramic SR – 30


Pugmills are used for easy and quality pugging of ceramic mass and mixing of materials. Instead of laborious and demanding manual kneading, this ceramic machine can very quickly „prepare“ the mass, remove air bubbles from it and provide pliancy needed for smooth work. Pugmills are usually used for easy production of a new mass. Pugmills are also used for recycling of a waste created by ceramic production. We offer basic types of pugmills to customers and you can also order a type with an additional vacuum pump for perfect suction of air bubbles out from the mass or more sophisticated types of pugmills with a blender function (two in one). 

Pugmills Nidec - Shimpo

Pressers for profiles

Faster and easier work with a professional outcome in the end. You will use this type of machine to make profiles for modelled, thrown or casted vessels. With help of a presser and special set of profiles, you can also press hollow shapes which can be further modelled.

Presser EX-115 for ceramic

Sedimentation basins

Thanks to this ceramic equipment, you can filter water from a production according to the regulations of water discharge into standard sewers. Figure: „ceramic machines and equipment – sedimentation basin“    

Spray boxes

Everywhere where glazes and other cover materials are applied by spraying, this ceramic equipment commonly called a spray box, or a glaze box serves as a great helper.

Industrial machines and equipment

We also actively offer industrial machines and equipment for manufacturers and laboratories in the ceramic industry. Usually, we meet with the following equipment: ball mills, pressers, pugmills, pottery wheels, vacuum pugmills, basins and pumps for preparation of casting masses, filter presses, kneaders, dissolving basins, etc.

The industrial assortment is not the subject of this e-shop. If you are interested, feel free to contact us with your inquiry.

Vacuum pugmill for ceramic

Why buy ceramic machines and equipment from us?

The main reason is not only a good price we can offer, but also a large selection of complete equipment for ceramic workshops and operations. It is also true that we have the largest inventory of ceramic equipment and machines on our market in the range that can be found only at us. This also applies to spare parts and accessories.

Customers also appreciate an opportunity to choose from a large number of products exposed directly in our showroom. We are always willing to professionally help you with the selection of ceramic equipment. We guarantee first-class quality for all ceramic machines distributed by us. We can dispatch above stated equipment for ceramic workshops very quickly, because most of it is in our stock. The dispatch terms are within 2-5 days, even at more expensive devices.