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Zákazník ohodnotil produkt, ale neodeslal recenzi nebo čeká na kontrolu administrátorem
Od Michaela10.06.2024
Zákazník ohodnotil produkt, ale neodeslal recenzi nebo čeká na kontrolu administrátorem
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Ceramic kilns for schools

Within our activity, we focus, among others, on the sale of ceramic kilns for schools and other school facilities. We cooperate with a whole range of schools which regularly take ceramic tools from us and for which, in the case of need, we also provide the sale of ceramic kilns for good prices.

Whether you are running a ceramic course or a professional handicraft training, we will be glad to provide you with a furnace according to your requirements. If your current kiln serves out, let us know, and we will help you choose a new device that corresponds with your requirements. On the contrary, if you exactly know what properties your new kiln should have, then you can choose it directly from the offer of ceramic kilns designed not only for schools. 

Most often we deal with:

Sale of ceramic kilns for elementary schools (ES).

Sale of ceramic kilns for kindergartens (KG).

Sale of ceramic kilns for educational institutions (EI).

Sale of ceramic kilns for homes of children and youth (HCY).

Sale of ceramic kilns for children´s homes (CH).

Sale of ceramic kilns for retirement homes (RH).

Sale of ceramic kilns for elementary art schools (EAS).

Sale of ceramic kilns for vocational schools (VS).

Sale of ceramic kilns for higher vocational schools (HVS).


We do not exclude cooperation with any type of a school or a school facility, so feel free to contact us in the case that you need a reliable supplier of ceramic tools and devices. In the case of a long-term cooperation, we can provide you individual prices for our assortment depending to its type and quantity.

Within sale of kilns for schools, we distribute kilns from two proven manufacturers of these devices who are among top-rated within their field. These are kilns from Kittec and Nabertherm. Nabertherm kilns are more specialized and have a large overlap in industrial production and laboratories, on the contrary Kittec provides classic ceramic kilns. Of course, we deliver these devices with all necessary accessories, spare parts and provide their service.

Why buy a school ceramic kiln from us?

 Service and availability of spare parts: we have our own service technician, for Nabertherm kilns we are authorized to provide warranty and post-warranty service. Upon entering the service contract, we can guarantee exit times (important for manufacturing operations). Delivery of spare parts is not conditional upon service. At customer's request, it is possible to deliver only spare parts and our technicians are also ready to consult them over the phone or deliver them along with a professional service.

Low price: thanks to our close wholesale relationships with the kiln manufacturers, we can offer very competitive prices to our customers. Moreover, if you consider free delivery (kilns and pottery wheels) and entire advisory service, then it is obvious that our offer is more than appealing. We can provide interesting discount options to our regular school-based customers. If you compare price/performance ratio, you hardly buy better kilns anywhereelse.

Great choice: in our e-shop you can find almost unlimited choice of kilns and other related assortment. You have everything in one place and you can choose ceramic tools of various types, properties and prices with no limits. We can satisfy demanding and less-demanding customers, we offer standard solutions as well as kilns with specific properties.  

Complex service: we will help you with the selection, ensure delivery, prepare wiring, put into operation and train for work safety. We offer more than just the sale of kilns. Customer´s satisfaction is important for us!

Fast dispatch: thanks to close cooperation with the Nabertherm manufacturer, we are able to dispatch majority of assortment within 4-5 days. Therefore, you do not need to wait a month or longer for a new school kiln, as is the case with other sellers. Kittec kilns are manufactured and distributed only upon the order, therefore it is necessary to count with a longer delivery time.

Permanent phone support: because we operate kilns in our workshops ourselves, we offer our customers a telephone support for furnace service inquiries throughout the life of the machine. For these purposes, we stick an aluminium label directly on a kiln with a phone number of our call support. Thus, when changing operators, there is no problem with operation of the kiln. Our cooperation does not end with your purchase, it’s just the beginning.

Additional service: on request, we provide non-standard services for you, e.g. moving of a school kiln, preparation of wiring, solutions and advisory regarding exhaust, school kiln work safety training, ensuring calibration, design of a workshop including 3D visualization, etc. If you are looking for a seller of ceramic kilns for your school, definitely contact us with your inquiry!