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Laboratory chamber furnaces

In this section you will find an extensive range of special Nabertherm laboratory chamber furnaces. These first-class chamber furnaces are available in many variations, see our current offer in this section. We will not only provide individual furnace configuration, if necessary, but also complete advice on defining the parameters which your new furnace should meet to deliver the required results. Nabertherm chamber furnaces are among the top in the field of laboratory furnaces. Nabertherm also offers the widest range in the global furnace market. They excel not only with first-class material processing, but also with many innovative enhancements that allow precise control and ensure perfect compliance with defined values during firing as well as superior firing quality.

If you are looking for a supplier of proven quality chamber furnaces, than you have chosen right. We can configure the appropriate chamber furnaces with the required performance and specific functionality to suit your needs for your laboratory work. If you require reliable and modern chamber furnaces, for example with a non-standard inner space, there is no problem. If you do not choose from the standard furnace e-shop offer, than we will prepare the furnace according to your specific requirements. Alternatively, we will advise you on the most appropriate solution if you are not sufficiently familiar with laboratory chamber furnaces.

Laboratory chamber furnace Nabertherm LF 60/14

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We specialize in supplying Nabertherm laboratory chamber furnaces, which are rightly counted as the world's top in the field. We can rely on their quality as well as on the service directly from the manufacturer. As a result, we are able to configure for you some of chamber furnaces to function exactly according to the purpose of your workshop or laboratory.

If you have specific requirements for the type or highly individual modification of the chamber furnace, then we need you to describe the specific requirements and we will define the appropriate equipment or choose the one that can be adjusted according to the specifications directly at the manufacturer's site. Primarily, we try to consult your requirements personally if the situation and time allow us to do so. Thanks to the Nabertherm testing center, we have access to all the available types of chamber furnaces and accessories and based on this experience and testing capabilities, we can give you highly qualified advice or even test your sample.

The same applies to the maintenance of your chamber furnace during use. With the above-mentioned comprehensive support of the manufacturer, we can ensure not only the above-standard regular maintenance of your chamber furnace, including tuning its performance, but also fast delivery or directly replacing worn parts and spare parts even by very old furnaces.

Chamber furnace Nabertherm LH 216/12 SW

Intruduction of the assortment

You can buy chamber furnaces in various price variants. The price corresponds to the size, maximum temperature and technical parameters of the furnace.

The N ../H chamber laboratory furnaces are designed for annealing, soldering and hardening. All Nabertherm products feature extremely durable designs for very abnormal duties. Safety is also important, so the Nabertherm N ../H hardening chamber furnaces have a lift door where the hot wall is positioned away from the operator for increased safety.


Also popular are the universal LH and LF chamber laboratory furnaces with 5-sided heating. They are furnaces with heating elements on supporting tubes for free radiation into the furnace space. As a result, they have been a proven range of powerful furnaces for use in various laboratories for many years. Rugged design, excellent temperature distribution, extraordinarily high heating power and a wide range of accessories make Nabertherm furnaces of the above mentioned series a great help in laboratories testing their sample heat treatment.

Most popular assortment:


The LH laboratory furnaces are used (with appropriate configuration) to work with 3D prints where stress relief is important. In fact it is about heat treatment of 3D prints made out of steel, Al alloys (dural) and brass.

In the case of 3D prints from highly reactive Ti alloys, we can provide the appropriate equipment. We will be happy to test your sample with specific furnace configuration for you in our Test Center in various furnaces with different atmosphere qualities, to ensure the desired result.

If you are interested in any chamber furnace for your laboratory from our assortment, or if you have not found an appropriate special solution, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you with the selection, or we will configure an individual variant of the laboratory furnace directly with the manufacturer.

The most required laboratory chamber furnace accessories:

  •          Connection with software that allows the furnace to be controlled by a computer or automatically documents the whole firing cycle.
  •          Control-independent temperature limiter for increased charge and furnace protection against failure control or faulty operation.
  •          Specific quenching baths.
  •          Gassing bags and foils.
  •          Diverse stacker systems for laboratory furnaces (for loading gas boxes, or also charges into a furnace)
  •          Pneumatic lift door via foot pedal to improve handling and operator safety.
  •          Laboratory furnace gas dosing systems.
  •          Specific solutions for gas boxes for non-flammable gases (forming gas, N2, Ar).


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