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Zákazník ohodnotil produkt, ale neodeslal recenzi nebo čeká na kontrolu administrátorem
Od Monika M08.04.2024
Zákazník ohodnotil produkt, ale neodeslal recenzi nebo čeká na kontrolu administrátorem
Od Monika M08.04.2024
Zákazník ohodnotil produkt, ale neodeslal recenzi nebo čeká na kontrolu administrátorem
Od Monika M08.04.2024

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Industrial furnaces

If you are looking for a supplier of professional industrial furnaces, then you are in the right place. For your manufacturing or laboratory activity, we can provide you with suitable industrial furnaces with the required performance and a focus on processing of glass, metals, ceramics, plastics and other advanced materials. Does your production demand reliable and sophisticated furnaces for hardening, ignition, tempering, shaping and many other tasks? Do you need modern chamber industrial furnaces or furnaces with charging? Do you require non-standard industrial furnaces for larger volumes, furnaces with higher performance or with the necessary realization and regulation of different temperature curves with eventual monitoring and recording? Or, does your production furnace need to comply with demanding requests of various standards like AMS 2750 E, NADCAP, CQI-9 etc.? We will provide these furnaces for you!

For a long time, we specialize in deliveries of Nabertherm GmbH industrial furnaces, one of the world’s leaders in given field. In addition to industrial furnaces of this brand, we also sell Nabertherm laboratory furnaces (see separate section).

 Industrial furnaces - tempering furnaces

Bespoken industrial furnaces

Because industrial furnaces are usually non-standard and often very specific devices, you cannot buy them in the regular distribution of e-shops. Our side ensures the selection of such a furnace with the necessary initial consulting service which is part of each executed order of bespoken industrial furnaces. We are looking for the most appropriate device as per your demands and according to the description of planned device application. Thanks to our direct connections to the manufacturer of industrial furnaces, we can test the recommended device in relation to its intended application. The customer can easily verify and test resulting effect of an industrial furnace, so he is confident that the device meets predefined requirements.

Just describe us your specific request and we will provide you with the most suitable bespoken solution. Primarily, we try to consult your requests personally, if the time and situation allow us. Thanks to Nabertherm testing centre, we have access to all available types of laboratory furnaces, and based on this experiences and testing capabilities, we can choose the most suitable furnace for you! The same applies to our services. Thanks to the full support of the manufacturer, we can ensure not only above-standard regular service maintenance and tuning the required performance, but also a quick replacement of any worn parts or components of an industrial furnace.


Why choose an industrial furnace from us?

We can advise you very professionally, because a customer cannot always know about all the technical possibilities or the specifics of the desired furnace. It often happens that because of the lack of information, the customer chooses an inappropriate solution. Based on our knowledge and experiences from our previous deliveries of industrial furnaces, we always try to recommend the most appropriate device according to your specifications. We know what the chemical and heat treatment of metal needs, we are very well oriented in firing of ceramics and porcelain, we know how to melt metals, and how to dry or shape other various materials.

Industrial furnaces

Which industrial furnaces do we deliver?

Our company offers furnaces for industrial use, especially in the following sectors:

•    Industrial furnaces for heat treatment of plastics and metals.  

•    Industrial furnaces for foundries (melting, holding and transport).

•    Furnaces for treatment of advanced materials (crystal growth, releasing of binders, composite materials, LED industry, MIM, CIM, MLCC, LTCC, HTCC etc.)

•    Furnaces for dentists and healthcare sector.

•    Furnaces for laboratory and research purposes.

•    Furnaces for ceramic and porcelains workshops.  

•    Furnaces for glassworks (fusing kilns).


These are non-standard furnaces designed for the specific needs of the specific sector. Let us know about your requirements for the properties and performance of the required industrial furnace and we will recommend you a specific type according to your specification and then we will make a quotation based on your request.

Industrial furnaces

In our offer you can find, for example, laboratory muffle furnace Nabertherm L5/11 (up to temperature of 1100°C), fusing kilns, high-temperature furnaces with a protective atmosphere or vacuum (up to temperature of 3000°C), chamber furnace Nabertherm N 660 (up to temperature of 1400°C), special fusing kiln Nabertherm 1050 equipped with infra-red heating (up to temperature of 950°C), and with a mobile table for better manipulation. We deliver also car hearth industrial furnaces with automatic drive control with various temperature ranges and distributions of temperature in the workspace. You can also order a chamber furnace with a special flammable or non-flammable atmosphere and air circulation. Furnaces for laminar boxes, convectional furnaces with a fan, industrial furnaces with natural air flow, drying furnaces and industrial proportioning furnaces are also available. We also deliver industrial furnaces for extra-clean areas (so called clean room technology) of various classes. Our speciality is the unique technology of industrial furnaces for releasing of binders, the so-called combi furnace with safety packages for monitoring the protective atmosphere in the furnace. From all manufacturers, Nabertherm GmbH offers the widest assortment of furnaces in the world.


In the case that you are not happy with a standard solution and you are looking for an industrial furnace with specific functionality and properties, then we are able to „design“ such a furnace and then provide it for you thanks to our close cooperation with the manufacturer. Alternatively, we can offer you a customization of the standard model of an industrial kiln to your specific requirements.