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Shipments to EU outside Czech Republic and Slovakia

We make shipments to whole EU countries on regular basis. DPD for smaller packages, other forwarders for pallet transports. For calculating the freight charge please contact us at Please dont forget to mention the required delivery adress and considered order.


In our e-shop, we offer various delivery methods for ordered goods. Select the one that suits the you best.
TIP: In the basket at the top right, you can find a preview of the transportation costs of your order (for the products added in the basket). If you are not singed-up as a registered customer, you need to fill in the ZIP code of place of delivery.  


In this case, you will pick up the ordered goods in person in our physical shop in Ústí nad Labem upon receipt of the confirmation e-mail that your order is ready. Please note that the brick-and-mortar shop has limited opening hours, see. the Shop section

Small shipments (Germany, Austria and Poland up to 30 kg)

For this kind of shipments, we use PPL services. The advantage is fast delivery, even to neighbouring countries. 
Delivery is made within 48 hours since loading in the Czech Republic. Sends the recipient a notification of planned delivery via e-mail and SMS. 

Price incl. VAT                 

Delivery in Germany, PPL    

Delivery in Austria, PPL   

Delivery in Poland, PPL   

Parcel up to 10 kg          570,00 Kč20,59 EUR570,00 Kč20,59 EUR570,00 Kč20,59 EUR
Parcel up to 30 kg      825,00 Kč29,79 EUR825,00 Kč29,79 EUR825,00 Kč29,79 EUR
Cach on delivery250,00 Kč9,00 EUR250,00 Kč9,00 EUR--

Small shipments (up to 30 kg)

For this kind of shipments, we use PPL services. The advantage is the growing network of pickup points and fast delivery. 
Delivery is made within 24 hours since loading in the Czech Republic, and within 48 hours in Slovakia. sends the recipient a notification of planned delivery via e-mail and SMS. 

Balík keramických potřeb Artik studio

Price incl. VAT

Delivery in CZ

Delivery in SR

Zásilkovna CZ

Zásilkovna SR

Parcel up to 5 kg130,00 Kč7,20 EUR89,00 Kč4,60 EUR
Parcel up to 10 kg150,00 Kč8,85 EUR145,00 Kč6,20 EUR
Parcel up to 30 kg170,00 Kč12,00 EUR--
Pick up point up to 15 kg130,00 Kč---
Cash on delivery30,00 Kč1,27/1,63 EUR30,00 Kč1,08 EUR

Delivery by the Artik studio vehicle (50 - 1200 kg)

If you select this delivery method for orders heavier than 50 kg, we will deliver the ordered goods by our own vehicle. The price of this transport method is devided into two quantity categories. This delivery method will be offered to you for the places of delivery where we usually drive, especially in the region of Ústí and Labem. If the e-shop does not offer you this option for your area, but you are still interested in it, please send an individual inquiry.



Price incl. VAT
50 - 800 kg

Price incl. VAT

800 - 1200 kg

Ústí nad Labem 1400 01 – 400 11290,00420,00
Ústí nad Labem 2403 01 – 403 40430,00650,00
Děčín405 02 – 407 13510,00750,00
Teplice 1415 01 – 417 42510,00750,00
Teplice 2, Bílina418 01 – 419 01580,00860,00
Litoměřice 1, Lovosice410 02 – 411 17580,00860,00
Most, Litvínov434 01 – 436 03740,001150,00
Litoměřice 2, Roudnice n. L.411 18 – 413 01740,001150,00
Praha 8, 9, 14 and 18*181 00 - 184 00
196 00 - 199 00
199 00

 *max. weight 300 kg

Large shipments Czech Republic and Slovakia (up to 3000 kg)

Paleta hrnčířských kruhů Shimpo - expedice Artik studio

For big shipments, we use Raben. Delivery is made within 24 hours when loading in the Czech Republic, and within 48 hours in Slovakia. Delivery price is based on the total weight of the shipment and the place of delivery (zones according the ZIP code). 

Prices for delivery in the Czech Republic (VAT included):

Hmotnost (kg) do


Zóna 1

Zóna 2

Zóna 3

Praha a Střední Čechy
zbytek - Čechy
Brno a Morava

399,00 Kč

482,00 Kč490,00 Kč
500,20459,00 kč563,00 kč595,00 kč
100    0,40592,00 Kč730,00 Kč751,00 Kč
2000,80776,00 Kč951,00 Kč1 047,00 Kč
3001,20956,00 Kč

1 180,00 Kč

1 350,00 Kč
4001,601 422,00 Kč1 729,00 Kč1 926,00 Kč
5002,001 554,00 Kč2 101,00 Kč2 252,00 Kč
6002,401 798,00 Kč2 346,00 Kč2 530,00 Kč
7002,801 934,00 Kč2 564,00 Kč2 704,00 Kč
8003,202 047,00 Kč2 652,00 Kč2 813,00 Kč
9003,602 128,00 Kč2 737,00 Kč3 035,00 Kč
10004,002 300,00 Kč2 821,00 Kč3 307,00 Kč
11004,40 2 510,00 Kč3 125,00 Kč3 769,00 Kč
12004,802 627,00 Kč3 381,00 Kč3 842,00 Kč
13005,202 696,00 Kč3 492,00 Kč4 061,00 Kč
14005,602 767,00 Kč3 559,00 Kč4 183,00 Kč
15006,002 812,00 Kč3 609,00 Kč4 243,00 Kč
16006,403 141,00 Kč4 442,00 Kč4 703,00 Kč
17006,803 186,00 Kč4 633,00 Kč4 888,00 Kč
18007,203 255,00 Kč4 747,00 Kč5 106,00 Kč
19007,603 290,00 Kč4 810,00 Kč5 155,00 Kč
20008,003 337,00 Kč4 848,00 Kč5 227,00 Kč
250010,003 720,00 Kč5 354,00 Kč2 907,00 Kč
300012,003 987,00 Kč5 746,00 Kč6 446,00 Kč

Zones of the Czech Republic by the ZIP code:     

ZIP from

ZIP to




Prices for delivery in Slovakia (VAT included):    

Hmotnost (kg) do


Zóna 1

Zóna 2

Zóna 3

Zóna 4

Zóna 5


35,44 EUR

41,24 EUR43,56 EUR46,13 EUR49,56 EUR
1000,4040,59 EUR48,85 EUR51,73 EUR54,00 EUR57,12 EUR
2000,8056,82 EUR70,94 EUR75,22 EUR77,99 EUR86,16 EUR
3001,2071,09 EUR87,07 EUR92,21 EUR98,36 EUR104,46 EUR
4001,6086,82 EUR105,12 EUR111,62 EUR119,08 EUR125,18 EUR
5002,0097,61 EUR118,13 EUR128,51 EUR134,51 EUR140,56 EUR
6002,40114,19 EUR140,76 EUR153,22 EUR159,82 EUR173,64 EUR
7002,80131,08 EUR163,10 EUR178,32 EUR180,95 EUR201,01 EUR
8003,20149,49 EUR185,43 EUR199,85 EUR209,28 EUR230,00 EUR
9003,60164,41 EUR202,78 EUR216,74 EUR227,23 EUR248,40 EUR
1000 4,00177,77 EUR218,66 EUR232,93 EUR244,52 EUR265,85 EUR
12005,00 218,10 EUR255,16 EUR276,54 EUR292,27 EUR315,36 EUR
15006,00243,06 EUR277,70 EUR299,63 EUR316,52 EUR338,25 EUR
17007,00280,82 EUR314,20 EUR336,83 EUR360,08 EUR386,44 EUR
20008,00315,51 EUR348,93 EUR369,96 EUR396,33 EUR425,97 EUR
22009,00348,93 EUR387,91 EUR411,55 EUR437,87 EUR481,78 EUR
250010,00369,60 EUR408,63 EUR432,22 EUR458,59 EUR502,45 EUR
300012,00412,71 EUR459,75 EUR485,11 EUR509,81 EUR557,21 EUR

Zones of the Slovakia by the ZIP code: 

ZIP from

ZIP to




Very large shipments Czech Republic and Slovakia (from 2000 kg)

For very large shipments, we ask for the delivery price at carriers individually. If you are interested in a quotation, feel free to contact us and let us know about the requested delivery place.

Above-standard delivery fees

Standard packaging is included in the delivery price. For extremely fragile goods (e.g. plaster moulds) that need to be packed very well and removed from the automatic manipulation at carrier´s transhipment stations, a corresponding fee is charged (the so called above-standard delivery fee). Such an item is properly marked in bold in a short description of the product and when completing the order, this fee is on a separate line.

Information for customers from Slovakia

We make shipments to Slovakia on a regular basis. Slovakian customers pay for goods in advance to our EUR account held in Slovakia. They do not pay any international bank charges.