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Why choose us

1. Long-term tradition and experience (founded in 1994).

2. LARGE SELECTION OF PRODUCTS, constantly refilling of our product range.

3. MOST items IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE (stocks are synchronized 4 times a day with the storage system).

4. Physical shop with exhibition area and parking options.

5. Warranty and post-warranty service, our own service technician.

6. Organizing ceramic courses with accreditation of the Ministry of Education.

7. Possibility of personal pick up.

8. Free shipping of ceramic kilns and pottery wheels (Czech Republic, Slovakia).

9. Professional advisory and consultations, bespoke solutions.

10. Practical experience of running our own ceramic workshop.

11. Guarantee of compliance with Terms and Conditions according the consumer organization D-test.

12. Possibility to pay by debit/credit card (e-shop only).

13. Wide range of sales services (preparation of wiring, moving, 3D visualization, etc.)

14. Quantity discounts and bargain prices for larger purchases.