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Laboratory furnaces

In this category, you can find a range of laboratory furnaces that are typical for their focus on performing various laboratory tests and similar purposes. We focus on the delivery of Nabertherm laboratory furnaces, because this brand is known not only for its quality, but also for its range of furnaces which is the widest in the world.

Our current offer of furnaces contains the basic catalogue laboratory furnaces. We provide an eventual specific solution in the form of individual inquiry which we solve together with the customer according their requests. 

You can order:

•    Laboratory furnaces for dentists.

•    Laboratory furnaces for goldsmiths, jewellers.

•    Laboratory furnaces for chemical workplaces.

•    Laboratory furnaces for engineering testing.

•    Laboratory furnaces for manufacturing companies.

•    Laboratory furnaces for testing institutes and calibration authorities.

•    Foundry laboratory furnaces. 

Selection of a laboratory furnace

Laboratory furnaces must have parameters that meet requirements for specific testing situations where it is necessary to simulate accurate temperature distribution, including the rate of its achievement and drop, as well as its controlled cooling. Laboratory furnaces shall test properties and ensure results of a simulated test of a specific material. That´s why it is necessary to determine whether the furnace will be used for a determination of the sintering or the softening point, for calcination, for combustion, enamel firing or other specific processes.  


An important attribute of the laboratory furnace is its ventilation, which should protect it from vapour condensation and also from enormous overheating of its casing. No less significant aspect of laboratory furnaces is the possibility to record the realized process, eventually the possibility to further process such data. Some furnaces can be equipped with atmospheric monitoring to control a safe atmosphere according to EN1539 standard.

Certain tests in laboratory furnaces may cause the release of different substances from the test material, so considering this fact, it is appropriate to choose such a furnace where the heating coils are protected against unwanted interactions, e.g. because of its placement in a tube made of quartz glass or in a ceramic muffle. Quality laboratory furnaces are usually equipped with a stainless-steel casing, which is one of the most basic elements for a long-term lifetime of these furnaces. The control provides efficient and accurate work of the device during laboratory tests. This control allows to set a specific temperature for exact time, rate of temperature increase or its rapid reduction. It should be noted that laboratory furnaces with semiconductor relays have lower noise levels than the ones with a contactor.

 Laboratory furnaces

You can choose from these types of laboratory furnaces: crucible, chamber, bell, pit-type. We are able to produce high-temperatures, horizontal, hardening, inclined, tube or tempering furnaces according to your wishes and requirements. Most of laboratory processes can be usually covered by serially produced furnaces. When needed, a modular extension or bespoken customization of the standard furnace for customer´s need can be provided. Selecting the most suitable furnace is not always an easy process and often a situation occurs, in which it is necessary to make tests in the Nabertherm GmbH special testing centre in Germany. The centre has a large number of various laboratory furnaces on which you can test the correctness of your selection. Thanks to it, the customer has the assurance that the furnace is correctly selected for the processes he is going to complete. 

 Rotary tube furnaces RS120_750_13_Laboratory furnaces

Why buy a laboratory furnace from us?

There are several reasons, so we will list the most important ones:

1.    Complete service: our cooperation does not end upon purchase on the contrary, it just begins. We provide consultations, installations, training of operators, authorized warranty and post-warranty services and provide any necessary spare parts. And all of this for free.

2.    Wide assortment: on the Czech market, we belong to the top distributors of laboratory furnaces. With us, you can choose universal or special laboratory furnaces of various kinds, powers, properties and sizes. We can also ensure a laboratory furnace customized according your request.

3.    Testing centre: a customer can personally check the correctness of his choice for the processes he is going to complete.


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