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Zákazník ohodnotil produkt, ale neodeslal recenzi nebo čeká na kontrolu administrátorem
Od Monika M08.04.2024
Zákazník ohodnotil produkt, ale neodeslal recenzi nebo čeká na kontrolu administrátorem
Od Monika M08.04.2024

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Ceramic kiln Nabertherm Top 60 with contr. B500

Nabertherm GmbH


The Nabertherm Top 60 premium ceramic kiln is made out of first-grade materials. The elegant design, additional back insulation, and many extras make the Nabertherm Top series a proven choice for both small and larger pottery workshops and leisure activities. It is also DEKRA-certified (security check by an independent authority).

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For hobby ceramic workshops

Nabertherm Top ceramic kilns are the ideal choice for organized leisure activities. It offers a great price to performance ratio and excellent firing results. Ceramic kilns of the Top series are the best equipped ceramic top-loading kilns in our market. The Top series has equipment that is available at other manufacturers for a surcharge, if available at all. The operation is easy and comfortable thanks to this equipment. In addition, the Top kilns are certified for safety by the independent DEKRA authority.

Ceramic toploader kilns Nabertherm TOP

Multi-layer insulation

The furnace lining is made of K23 porous refractory bricks stacked dry without glue. It is standard that the furnaces are multi-layer insulated, behind the brick lining of the furnace is located additional back microporous insulation. Furthermore, the small models up to 60 litres has additional fiber insulation. This guarantees efficient operation, the difference in energy saving is 15 – 20%. All the insulating materials used are classified as non-carcinogenic according to the norm TRGS 905 class 1 or 2. (Unfortunately, kilns with carcinogenic insulations from other manufacturers are commonly available in our market.)

Insulation of ceramic kilns Nabertherm Top

Lid design

The fixed hinge of the furnace lid is adjustable and is complemented by strong gas dampers. These allow easy lifting of the lid and significantly reduce the risk of damage due to careless handling. Another important advantage of Nabertherm Top ceramic furnaces is the lid construction itself, which is not glued with putty. This eliminates the risk of contamination of fired goods by dropping the mortar from the lid. This will be appreciated especially after some time of operation of the furnaces, when glued lids usually crack and come loose due to different shrinkage of both materials during firing cycles.

Supporting dampers for comfortable lid opening of ceramic kiln Nabertherm TOP

Heating elements and relay switching

Heating from all sides of the Top series ceramic kiln ensures good temperature distribution and lower consumption thanks to its circulation of warm air. The heating elements (coils) are covered in lining brick grooves to reduce the risk of contact with fired goods and are made of high quality Swedish Kanhal FeCrAl alloy.
Solid State Relay are used as switching elements, which are silent and almost wear-free in comparison to contactors, so future service costs are minimal.
The maximum temperature of ceramic kilns of the Top series is 1320°C, while increased wear occurs during long-term firing close to the maximum temperature. Therefore, the manufacturer recommends using these furnaces for regular firing up to a temperature of 1230°C. Models marked Top ../R with higher heating power for regular firing up to a temperature of 1290°C.

Housing and fresh air flap

The Nabertherm Top ceramic furnace is standard equipped with castors that make it easy to relocate the furnace and also has bottom fresh air flap. This is important for proper venting the chemically bound moisture that is released from the ceramic products in the first firing stage. Poor ventilation of the furnace could have a major effect on the firing quality, especially when firing more demanding effect glazes. The casing of the ceramic furnace is made out of elegant stainless steel with a fine structure.

Fresh air inlet and adjustable lid clip of ceramic kiln Nabertherm TOP

Easy to use controller in English

In comparison to other kilns, the control of Nabertherm ceramic kilns is exceptional.The furnaces are standard equipped with the new generation Nabertherm B500 controller with colour touch screen. The controller is multi-language and can be easily switched to 24 languages including Czech and Slovak. On the furnace side there is a practical controller holder. For convenient settings, the controller can be removed from the holder.
The B500 controller can name and store up to 5 programs, offers a delayed start with a calendar, has adjustable 4 segments, 2 additional switching functions, and an energy consumption indicator for the last firing and total, which is continuously counting.
For the first time use, you can watch the controller video tutorials which you will find below, or the integrated help in the controller. If more programs or more segments of the firing curve are required, the furnace can be equipped with controller C540 (10 programs, 20 segments) or P570 (50 programs, 40 segments), or even VCD control and documentation software.

Controller of ceramic toploader kiln Nabertherm Top

Mobile app MyNabertherm app

In combination with the free "MyNabertherm" smartphone application, operating and monitoring the furnaces is even easier than ever before. By connecting the controller to the internet via WiFi, the progress of the Nabertherm kiln can be conveniently monitored online from anywhere. Like the controller, the app is available in 24 languages, including Czech and Slovak. The app can be downloaded for iOS and Android mobile devices.

For advanced users

Advanced users might use other controller functions if they are interested.
The controller can work with several levels of access rights.
The Operator can only select and activate / deactivate or view an already stored program.
In addition, the Supervisor can set and save programs; and finally
the Administrator can also set the user behavior of the controller itself. This function is especially appreciated by ceramic workshops where the furnace is operated by multiple workers. For example, a situation where a less knowledgeable operator mistakenly modifies saved firing curves (programs) cannot occur.

The controller is equipped with a USB port. It can be used for import / export of firing curves and also for firing documentation. If you connect a flash memory stick, it will automatically copy data from past firings in CSV format. This data can be conveniently read in the free NTGraph software, which is based on Microsoft Excel. The firing data is displayed as a table or as a color chart.
Furthermore, the USB memory stick can be used to import / export the firing curve. You can conveniently prepare the curve on your computer with the free NtEdit software, which is again based on Microsoft Excel.

More information on the controllers can be found in the specialized catalogue, which can be downloaded below.

We despatch immediately

Most top-loading kilns series Top in standard design are ready for fast despatch. Therefore, you will not need to wait long for your new ceramic furnace.

Manufacturer of Nabertherm GmbH ceramic furnaces

The German company Nabertherm GmbH, with a tradition in manufacturing ceramic  furnaces since 1947 and its current production of more than 10 000 furnaces per year, is one of the respected world producers. It offers the widest range of kilns and furnaces on the global market. It sets standards in basically all industries in which it operates (Ceramics, Glass, Foundry, Additive Manufacturing, Advanced Materials, Heat Treatment, Laboratories and Dental Laboratories) and distributes its products worldwide. Their innovations and knowledge of the industrial segment apply across all the product lines, including the ceramic furnaces.
For high product quality, we can only recommend Nabertherm products.

Manufacturer of ceramic kilns Nabertherm Top

Why a ceramic kiln from us?

We run our own ceramic workshop, we have over 25 years of experience and practical, technological knowledge of ceramics production - we will professionally advise you in the selection of the right furnace.

We offer great prices, warranty, and after-warranty service by our own technician. Do you have a better offer? Request an individual price estimate!

We will also recommend and offer you other equipment and materials for ceramics production - we offer a comprehensive range for ceramics workshops.

Upon request, we can provide operational training at the customers' site, transport and moving to the place.

Advantages of the Nabertherm Top ceramic kilns

• heating elements protected in the grooves of the bricks
• back microporous insulation for energy savings
• additional fiber insulation for small models up to 60 liters (up to Top 60)
• Solid State Relay switching - silent operation, long service life
• fresh air bottom flap
• elegant design, stainless steel casing with fine structure
• adjustable, robust lid suspension
• adjustable lid clip, padlock-able
• lockable wheels on the furnace base
• supporting dampers for comfortable lid opening
• non-carcinogenic insulation according to TRGS 905 class 1 or 2
• multi-lingual controller B500 (24 languages including Czech), with power consumption indicator and USB
• controller holder on furnace
• 36 months warranty (wear and tear parts excluded)
• the worldwide known quality of the German Nabertherm brand
• DEKRA certification (security check by an independent authority)
• kiln furniture (shelves and cones) 
• suitable for regular firing up to a temperature of 1230°C (models marked Top ../R then up to a temperature of 1290°C)

Optional extras for the Nabertherm Top ceramic kilns

• kiln furniture (shelves and cones)
• bottom heating and manual zone control for Top 80 - Top 190 (Top 220 included)
• C540 controller (10 programs, 20 segments) B500 not included
• P570 controller (50 programs, 40 segments, 2-6 extra functions) B500 not included
• raised base by 130 mm for Top 45 and Top 60
• wall-mounted controller holder with 2,5 m connecting cable

Data sheet

Heatingelectric, all sides
Volume categoryup to 70 l
Furnace typeToploader
Usagefiring ceramics, alternatively glass firing
Volume60 l
Max. temperature1320 °C
Inner dimensions410 x 460 mm (průměr x v)
Outer dimensions600 x 890 x 850 mm (Š x H x V)
Connected load3.6 kW
Voltage230V 1/N
Current15.6 A
Socket typeSchuko
Heating elementsin grooves
Switchingsolid state relays
Additional back insul.yes
Gas dampers support lid openingyes
Air inletyes
Base castorsyes
Standard controllerB500
Controller for surchargeC540
Weight72 kg



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Catalogue Nabertherm kilns

Arts and crafts catalogue Nabertherm kilns in Czech. Ceramic kilns, top-loading kilns, chamber kilns, fusing kilns, raku kilns, gas-fired ceramic furnaces, enameling furnaces, glass beads cooling furnaces, dryers for ceramics.

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English catalogue Nabertherm.

Arts and crafts catalogue Nabertherm kilns in English. Ceramic kilns, top-loading kilns, chamber kilns, fusing kilns, raku kilns, gas-fired ceramic furnaces, enameling furnaces, glass beads cooling furnaces, dryers for ceramics.

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