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Ceramic kiln Kittec CB 50 S with contr. TC 44

Kittec GmbH


Functional design, quality materials used, a wide range of kiln configurations according to needs and an excellent price make the Kittec CB 50 S ceramic kiln an ideal choice for small and even larger ceramic workshops.

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Kiln manufacturer - Kittec

The German company Kittec GmbH is one of the traditional European manufacturers of kilns for ceramics firing. Their experiences with production of kilns date back to 1979, when the company, as the first manufacturer of kilns in Europe, introduced a successful series of hood kilns CB. In 2004, the production moved to the Czech Republic, and it was our company, ARTIK STUDIO s.r.o., that brought the new and unknown brand at that time to the Czech and Slovak ceramic market. Current annual production of the Kittec GmbH exceeds 800 kilns, and thanks to favourable price/performance ratio, the mentioned kilns have gained a great popularity among ceramists. For a long time, the Kittech GmbH company has been relying on the quality German regulators Bentrup that are unique in great quality and easy operation.

Ceramic kiln Kittec CB 50


For a better idea of the actual work with these kilns, please watch the video that we have prepared for you (for video purposes, the CB 80 S model was used). You can find the product video below in the Video section.

Construction of hood kilns

Particular attention was paid to the important construction elements of Kittec kilns. The lining is made of porous refractory bricks K23 that are laid dry without an adhesive. For the CB models with the PLUS attribute, an additional back microporous insulation for reducing of energy consumption is used behind the lining. For other models of the CB kilns, there is only the Superwool insulation without ceramic fibres in the standard equipment. For a fee, you can order an additional microporous insulation for all models (the manufacturer calls this equipment the „Energy-saving package“). Practical experience shows that energy savings are between 15 – 20%, that’s whywe recommend this option for kilns intended into organized workshops where the usage of kilns is expected to be more frequent than in domestic production. Circular heating of hood kilns generally ensures equal distribution of temperature and favourable power consumption thanks to the circular air circulation comparing to chamber kilns. In the standard equipment, there is no lower vent flap for ventilation of the chemically bound moisture which is releasedin the first phase of the firing. Insufficient ventilation has an influence on the firing quality, especially when firing more demanding ceramic material, like effect glazes. This item is for an extra charge, however, we strongly recommend to add it to the equipment of acquired kiln. Construction of ceramic kiln Kittec CB 50

Lid construction

The lid is secured by a height-adjustable buckle that is lockable. For comfortable charging of ceramic products, it is possible to get the lid wide open (over 90°). From the size of kilns CB 70 and above, the lids are additionally equipped with a gas damper that ensures easier lifting of the lid.

Ceramic kiln Kittec CB 50 lid detail

Heating elements

Heating elements (spirals) are placed in brick grooves for reducing the risk of contact with fired good. They are made of a proven Swedish alloy Kanthall with low surface tension. The execution of the manufacturer’s final test of performance is stated on the red signet that is placed directly on the kiln, including the name and signature of authorized supervisor. 

Detail of heating elements of ceramic kiln Kittec CB 50

Casing and base

The casing of the CB hood kilns is made of stainless steel and is pulled using the buckles of the same material. The base of the Kittec CB ceramic kiln is smartly designed as a revolving so it is possible to choose one of the two kiln working heights according to ceramic requirements (usually, with respect to the height of the specific kiln model and the height of the operator). We standardly deliver the base of a kiln in red (RAL 3020), but it can be also delivered in five different colours without additional fee: anthracite (RAL 7019), green (RAL 6024), yellow (RAL 1007), silver (RAL 9006) and blue (RAL 5013). If you request other colour than red, please write this request in the note in your order. 

Ceramic kiln Kittec CB 50 casing detail

Regulation of the firing curve

Regarding the regulation, Kittec GmbH relies for the long time on the German manufacturer of regulators, Bentrup. The company has been developing and producing high-quality regulators for different uses since 1984. We recommend you watching the Bentrup „company video“, which you can find below in the Video section. For electric kilns, you can find an industrial connector HAN 15D to connect the regulator to a kiln. We recommend screwing the regulator up on the wall next to the kiln using the assembly kit which is included in the package (the regulator cannot be placed on the kiln for safety reasons).

Operation of the ceramic kiln Kittec CB 50

Standard regulator TC 44

The standard regulator of the Kittec kilns is the model - Bentrup TC 44, which is an extremely simple regulator with easy operation, but with limited capabilities. It allows to save only 1 program and to set only 3 values of the firing curve. When setting the ramp curve of the first segment, it is possible to choose from values 60/120/240/360/480 °C/h or full power (100%), to a fixed temperature point of 580°C.  The second segment is fixed on 100% power of the maximal temperature which can be set within 400 – 1320°C (by 5°C). The last value that can be set is the endurance of the maximal temperature, where you can choose from 0/10/20/30 and 60 minutes values. 

Supplementary regulators
For an extra charge, the Kittec kilns can be equipped with more powerful regulators, e.g. the TC 66, TC 505 or the glass regulator TC 507. The more powerful regulation is suitable for more comfortable control or, for example, when firing ceramics and glass. For comfortable use of your new ceramic kiln, we recommend to equip the kiln at least with the TC 66 regulator that can save up to 6 programs, has the possibility of setting a delayed start (0-10 hours), the first and the second ramp segment, the maximal temperature including its endurance, and also has the ability to regulate the decreasing gradient during the cooling of a kiln in the range of 5 -  999 °C/h (with no possibility to set the cooling endurances). Stoking during the cooling is usually used when firing a combination of glass and ceramics. Concerning our material assortment, it can be used e.g. during the fusing of crushed glass GS into the circumscribed ceramic shard. As a switching element, Kittec kilns use cheaper contactors, and for an extra charge, it is possible to replace them with modern semiconductor switching relays (Solid State Relay), which are quiet when comparing to the contactors, and almost non-wearable. You can find a detailed description of each regulator in PDF catalogue of the Kittech CB kilns that is placed in the Download section.

Optional increase of volume

Some hood kilns of the CB series offer an interesting option of additional volume increase. It is possible, immediately or in the future, to extend the kiln models Kittech CB 70 S, CB 80 S, CB 130 S and CB 200 S by inserting a circular ring. Start with a smaller kiln, but with a perspective for the future. In the case of need, just buy a circular ring for a kiln, insert it inside, plug the connecting cable in, secure with a prepared buckle and you have a kiln expanded by 50% of initial volume!

Optional increase of volume of ceramic kiln Kittec CB

Delivery time

Selected models of Kittec ceramic kilns in standard design are available either in stock at our brick-and-mortar shop with the possibility of a personal inspection or in a production warehouse. The dispatch of these models happens usually immediately. Production time of other models is usually between 2 – 4 weeks.  

Are you not sure, which extra-charge equipment is the most suitable for you?

The basic equipment of Kittec ceramic kilns is limited compared to other kiln manufacturers. The advantage of the limited basic equipment of these kilns is that every ceramist can customize additional equipment of the kiln the way that suits him best. If you are not sure which extra-charge item will be the most suitable for your needs, feel free to contact us, we will gladly help you with the selection of a new ceramic kiln. For a list of additional items, please see below.

We will gladly make a detailed quotation for you, along with a list of recommended equipment for the ceramic kiln and materials from our assortment. Based on the experience from our ceramic workshop, we can also help you with the firing curve. If you are interested, we also offer a personal consultation about your intentions.

Advantages of the Kittec CB ceramic kilns:

• heating spirals protected in brick grooves, circular heating 
• highest-quality heating elements, optimal thickness and length of wire for a long lifetime  
• regulatory unit with a holder for assembly on the wall 
• quality thermocouples Pt-RhPt for precise measure of the temperature inside the kiln 
• forced disconnection by a contact lid switch 
• casing made of stainless steel
• lid with an adjustable quick shutter and a lockable padlock 
• sealing of a lid that is non-wearable („brick by brick“)
• wide-openable lid (over 90°)
• two working heights of a base
• it is possible to select a colour of the base from 5 colours without an extra charge (standard red) 
• CB 70 S, CB 80 S, CB 130 S and CB 200 S models are expandable by inserting a circular ring  
• only the PLUS models: multi-layered microporous insulation for lower power consumption and lower outside temperatures 
• minimal maintenance
• 36 months warranty (does not apply for consumables)

Extra-charge equipment of the Kittec kilns (we recommend1):

• basic firing tools – bats and machines1
• more powerful regulator TC 66 (6 programs, deferred start, 4 segments) instead of TC 441
• more powerful regulator TC 505 (24 programs, deferred start, 5 segments) instead of TC 44
• more powerful regulator TC 507 (99 programs, deferred start, 99 segments) instead of TC 44
• additional rear microporous insulation for a lesser power consumption and lower outside temperatures (already included in kilns with the PLUS marking)1
• quiet operation of heating switching with semiconductor relay (Solid State Relay) instead of contactors 
• manual aerating valve at the bottom of a kiln1
• observation hole with a plug
• lockable transport wheels for easy mobility of a kiln without lifting 
• heated bottom of a kiln for better distribution of the temperature inside a kiln (recommended with the CB 130 S model and above) 
• additionally heated kiln lid with a manual heating 
• maximum temperature of 1350°C
• special bespoken sizes (e.g. model  CB 520 S)
• if you are interested in bespoken equipment, feel free to contact us

Detail of air inlet flap of ceramic kiln Kittec CB

Data sheet

Heatingelectric, all sides
Volume categoryup to 70 l
Furnace typeToploader
Usagefiring ceramics, alternatively glass firing
Volume47 l
Max. temperature1320 °C
Inner dimensions400 x 380 mm (průměr x v)
Outer dimensions650 x 730 x 700 mm (Š x H x V)
Connected load4.7 kW
Voltage400V 2/N
Current12 A
Socket typeCEE16A
Heating elementsin grooves
Additional back
Gas dampers support lid openingno
Air inletno
Base castorsno
Standard controllerTC 44
Controller for surchargeTC 66; TC 505; TC 507
Weight55 kg



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