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Sea sponge Elephant ear, 8 - 10 cm

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Seawater natural unbleached sponge Elephant ear with its size approx. 8 – 10 cm, which corresponds to approximately 3,5 – 4".

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Natural sea sponges are an exclusive alternative to artificial sponges for ceramists. They are sourced from the ocean, are biodegradable and do not trap bacteria. They are also antiseptic, so suitable for children and ceramists with more sensitive skin. There are many species of marine sponges, with only a few used in ceramics. The most popular are the solid types such as Elephant ear or Fine silk. Natural sponges are soft and absorbent, generally soak up and hold more water without dripping, and are significantly more durable than synthetic sponges. Their varied natural texture makes them excellent for applying decorations by blending, smoothing and polishing products, as well as for spinning on the wheel. They can be used to clean brushes and tools used in ceramics and pottery, as they are gentle on the tools, but still effectively remove clay residues.

The Fine silk sea sponge has an oval round shape and has many uses in ceramics and pottery. The Elephant ear sponge is flat, with a fine smooth surface on one side and a rough surface on the other, helping you to create flawless surfaces on ceramic shards of different textures. Elephant ear sponges are excellent for spinning ceramics on the wheel and are used by many professional spinners. Other common types of sea sponges are usually too soft for ceramic work and tear easily when working. They can be used at most for decoration, blunting interesting structures. As for the care and cleaning of natural sea sponges, they do not require special treatment. It is recommended to rinse them thoroughly in clean water after each use and let them dry completely. If the sponge is torn, trim it with scissors. Never squeeze a sea sponge when it is dry, as this could damage it. In case you use our sponges for a purpose other than pottery, you can soak it in a solution of water and vinegar or baking soda to remove any odors. Our sponges are sourced from the Caribbean, Mediterranean or Philippines and come in several different sizes, with all the sea sponges in our range being unbleached in a natural light brown shade. Bleached sponges generally have a lower lifespan, which is not desirable in creative work. The sea sponges are natural, therefore each sponge is slightly different, the photos are therefore for illustrative purposes only.

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Materialsea sponge
Size8 - 10 cm

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