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Controller Bentrup TC 75 WiFi / USB



Powerful temperature controller Bentrup TC 75 with WiFI and USB port for ceramic kilns. Supplied as standard with HAN 15D industrial plug. Alternatively available with HAN7D, CPC14 and PANEL plugs.

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Controller Bentrup TC 75 with WiFi / USB

The TC 75 controller belongs to the proven family of compact TC series controllers from the German manufacturer Bentrup and is designed particularly for ceramic firing. This powerful temperature controller features an intuitive interface that makes its operation extremely simple and comfortable

If the ceramic kiln does not come with a holder for the controller, it is possible to use the practical wall mount included in the package.
Bentrup controller TC 75 for ceramic kilns Kittec

Setting the firing curve

The controller allows you to save 6 programs with 4 segments for each program. For the first and second start-up segments, the firing rate in °C/h (values 1 - 999) is set with a target temperature in °C. The third segment is used to set the dwell time of the maximum firing temperature curve (values from 1 min to 99 h 59 min). If it is necessary to slow down the spontaneous cooling of the kiln after reaching the maximum temperature of the set program, the last segment can be used to set the heating in °C/h (values 1 - 999) to the temperature according to the setting. In practice, reheating during kiln cooling is most often used when firing a combination of glass and ceramics. 

The controller allows setting the delayed start of the program (values 1 min - 24 h). This can be useful, for example, to use the low tariff (night current) of your electricity supplier. 

Bentrup SuperWise app

More advanced users can connect the controller to the internet via WiFi and pair it with the free SuperWise app for smartphones and computers. The app makes operating and monitoring the kiln easier than ever. Using the app, you can not only remotely monitor the current firing process in the kiln, but also enter or edit stored programs and remotely start, pause or stop them. 

Notifications can be set up in the app, for example when a certain temperature is reached or when the controller has error message. In addition, the Bentrup SuperWise app provides a record of previous firings over the last 30 days. This can be useful for possible optimization of the firing curve or in case of troubleshooting.

In the paid version of the app, the time of saving firing records is unlimited and they can be exported to CSV format. It is also possible to connect up to 10 controllers at the same time (in the free version only 3 controllers can be connected) and upload records to an ftp server.

Bentrup SuperWise app for controllers

USB port

The controller is equipped with a USB port. This can be used by advanced users for import/export of firing programs and also for documentation of firing in CSV format (can be opened and further processed e.g. in MS Excel). In addition to the actual temperature curve, the set points, power and outputs are also recorded.

If necessary, the port can also be used for firmware updates and import/export of the controller configuration.

Controller manufacturer Bentrup

Bentrup Industriesteuerungen is a renowned German manufacturer of high quality controllers. It specializes in the development and production of controllers for both hobby use and industrial applications. It has been offering its products since 1984 and is known for its long tradition of innovation and reliability.

 Controller manufacturer Bentrup

Data sheet

Number of programs6 programs
LanguageUnable to set
USB portYes
Delayed startYes
Display typeLED display, 4 digits
User levelsNo
Number of segments per program4 segmenty
Smartphone appYes
Extra functions0
kWh consumption indicatorNo
Dimensions160 x 58 x 21 mm
Usagevýpal keramiky


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