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Glaze PD 631, Pinky (1000-1100°C)

Artik studio


Covering dark pink glaze

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Powdered glaze intended for the own preparation of the glazing suspension. This glaze is recommended to be applied in a layer according to the specification below. The glaze is lead-free, does not contain hazardous substances and is suitable for use in hobby organisations and school workshops.

The recommended firing temperature for PD glazes is 1000 - 1100°C (PD 633 and 640 up to 1080°C), and they can usually be fired up to 1150°C without problems. However, temperatures above 1100°C usually result in a change of colour shade. The glazing slurry is mixed to density according to the chosen applying technique and the absorption of the bisque. Typically, 0,6 – 0,8 l of water is added per 1 kg of glaze powder. Dust may be released when handling dry glaze, protect the airways. It is recommended to prepare the suspension at least one day before glazing, use anti-sedimentation additives as required. Mix the glaze well before using it. Individual PD glazes can be mixed freely with each other to achieve your own colour combinations.

PD powder glazes are packed in 1 kg in transparent PE bags. The packaging is labelled with the recommended procedure individually for each glaze. Powder glazes do not have a limited shelf life, store indoors and protect from moisture.

Data sheet

Firing temperature1020 - 1100°C
Recommended application layer1 - 2 mm


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Tmavá růžová barva, která vždy příjemně překvapí.

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Tmavá starorůžová barva glazury, není líbivá na první pohled, ale je zajímavá, dobře vypadá vylitá v nádobách, kde plášť je zdoben burelovým zátěrem.

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Price list of design materials

Complete price list of glazes PD, effect glazes PK, engob SE, crushed glass GS and dyes for ceramic workshops in CZK and EUR.

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