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Pottery wheel Nidec Shimpo RK-3E

Nidec Shimpo Corporation


Pottery wheel Nidec Shimpo RK-3E belongs to the wheels of the highest class. It was designed for professional potters who have higher demands on the machine"s per­formance and count on long-term operation in pottery workshops. Thanks to its modern design, the ceramic wheel is practically noiseless at work, does not vibrate and has low energy consumption. The pottery wheel is height adjustable.

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Silent leader of professional pottery wheels

Pottery wheel RK-3E is designed for professionals who work on the machine every day. Its exceptional qualities are appreciated by beginners and advanced potters. The Nidec Shimpo RK-3E, with its sophisticated refinement and high performance of up to 40 kg of ceramic clay, has become a world leader in professional pottery wheels. You will undoubtedly welcome the quiet operation of the wheel (30 dB), which is approximately the same noise as in a very quiet room. The Shimpo RK-3E, along with the Whisper-T and RK-3D pottery wheel, is the world's quietest wheel, does not vibrate, and even earned the nickname "Noiseless wheel". Throwing on a potter's wheel Nidec Shimpo RK-3E

Silent and vibration-free

The RK-3E pottery wheel uses the most modern direct drive technology. The wheelhead of the wheel is located directly on the engine axis without the use of gears, belts, gearbox, etc. Thanks to this design solution, the RK-3E is vibration-free when throwing, torque does not drop even at low speeds, reacts quickly and is extremely quiet – only 30 dB.

 Quietness of pottery wheel Nidec Shimpo RK-3E

Height adjustment

The working height of the Nidec Shimpo RK-3E pottery wheel can be adjusted using the adjustable feet. If necessary, the wheel can be used as a table-top model or placed on the ground. The height can be adjusted to: 290, 465, 495, 525 or 555 mm. 

Speed control

Pottery wheel does not require special conditions, plug into a standard 230V socket and has low consumption. Its design is energy efficient. The wheelhead is driven by direct connection and the wheelhead speed is stepless regulated by the foot pedal from 0 to 250 rpm. The pedal has a connector and can be disconnected. The direction of wheelhead  rotation can be easily changed with a switch - set it clockwise or counterclockwise to suit your needs. The pottery wheel has electronic protection against overloading and against sudden turning of the turntable in case of power failure. The risk of destroying the goods and the wheel is therefore minimized.

 Speed control of pottery wheel Nidec Shimpo RK-3E

Aluminium wheelhead, table for tools and cleaning

The wheelhead is made of light aluminum alloy with a diameter of 350 mm and is equipped with centering grooves. Advantage of the ceramic wheel RK-3E is the free spin of the wheelhead in case of zero speed, thanks to which the wheelhead can be used as a decorative turntable for ceramics decoration. The wheel is equipped with a table for bowl with water and pottery tools. With a weight of 42.5 kg and a three-leg construction, the pottery wheel is stable at work. The delivery includes a two-part splash pan, which is equipped with a proven quick-release system for easy and quick removal of the splash pan for tool-free cleaning. It is made of durable smooth plastic, so it is easy to wash. The wheelhead can be easily removed for cleaning with the Allen key supplied.

Accessories for Nidec Shimpo RK-3E a RK-3D pottery wheels 

Professional pottery wheels RK-3E and RK-3D have the preparation for mounting the ball mill rack and jigger arm. This accessory can be purchased together with the pottery wheel, or later.

 Jigger arm and ball mill rack for pottery wheel Nidec-Shimpo RK-3E

Manufacturer of pottery wheels Nidec Shimpo

The Japanese company Nidec Shimpo Corporation, based in Kyoto, has been producing high-quality pottery wheels since 1952 and is a leader in its field. Nidec Shimpo is a traditional manufacturer and has won a number of Japanese and international awards for its innovative approach. Customers around the world have long been satisfied with their pottery wheels, therefore we recommend it to you. Manufacturer Nidec Shimpo

Why pottery wheels from us?

We are the exclusive distributor of Nidec Shimpo pottery wheels for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We have the largest quantity of pottery wheels in our market, so we are ready to dispatch the goods immediately. You can buy spare parts from us and we also provide authorized service. Contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

Advantages of the wheel Nidec Shimpo RK-3E

• centering capacity up to 40 kg
• direct drive connection – no vibration and noises
• easy to clean - two-piece splash pan
• extremely low noise level of 30 dB
• weight 42,5 kg
• stepless speed adjustment 0 – 250 rpm
• foot control pedal
• possibility to select the direction of rotation
• table for bowl with water and tools
• stable construction (3 legs)
• brushless motor
• adjustable wheel height to: 290, 465, 495, 525 or 555 mm
• protection againsts overloading and sudden rotation of the wheelhead
• preparation for installation: ball mill rack and jigger arm
• the worldwide known quality of the Japanese brand Nidec Shimpo

Data sheet

Rotation speed0 - 250 rpm
Motor400 W, AC230 V, 50 Hz, brushless
Constructiondirect drive
Wheal-head directionclockwise / counter-clockwise
Noise level30 dB
Speed controlelectronic, stepless
Controlremovable foot pedal
Approximate capacity40 kg
Adjustable heightyes
Working height of the wheel-head290, 465, 495, 525, 555 mm
Table-top modelpossibility
Wheal-headlight aluminum alloy, diameter 350 mm
Free rotation at 0 rpmyes
Splash pantwo-piece
Dimensions600 x 702 x 580 mm
Weight42.5 kg
Ship weight60 kg



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