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Pottery wheel Shimpo RK-5TF with stool, table top

Nidec Shimpo Corporation


Nidec Shimpo RK-5TF is a popular table-top pottery wheel designed especially for home hobby – ideal for children and beginners. Despite the low motor power rating, its capacity is up to 10 kg of ceramic mass. The pottery wheel weighs 12 kg, is easy to carry, store and requires minimal maintenance.

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Suitable for beginners and children

RK-5TF belongs to the table-top wheels. It is the smallest model of Japanese Nidec Shimpo pottery wheels  and is designed primarily for hobby. You can use it especially when you start with pottery and throwing on the pottery wheel. We recommend it to those who have no experience yet and it is their first contact with thrown pottery. It is a pottery wheel suitable for children and adults. 

Pottery wheel Nidec Shimpo RK 5TF

Compact and easy to store

With its lightweight and compact design, the Nidec Shimpo RK-5TF is easy to carry and store. The cover of the pottery wheel is made out of hardened plastic, therefore its total weight is only 12 kg. Despite its small size and low power consumption (100 W), its capacity is up to 10 kg. Thanks to this it finds its use as a permanent accessory in a number of studios or classrooms, where it throws irregularly on the pottery wheel. 

Noise and cleaning

Simply remove the one-piece plastic pan for cleaning without the use of tools. The pottery  wheel has a low noise level of around 55 dB, which corresponds to a TV at normal volume. The wheel is easy to operate, has long life, low noise, requires minimal maintenance and is easy to carry.
Easy cleaning of pottery wheel Nidec Shimpo RK 5TF

Speed control

The pottery wheel is plugged into a normal household electrical socket (230 V), has a minimum power consumption (100 W) and is extremely energy efficient. The wheelhead is driven by a belt transmission and the speed is controlled by a stepless adjustable foot pedalfrom 0 up to 230 rpm. The wheelheads  direction of rotation can be freely selected using the direction switch - you can set it clockwise or counterclockwise depending on whether you are right or left-handed, or as you are used to. 

Speed control of pottery wheel Nidec Shimpo RK 5TF

Aluminium wheelhead with bat 

The wheelhead has a diameter of 178 mm and is made out of light aluminum alloy. On the wheelhead are mounted two screws for fixing the plastic bat on which it throws. You can remove this bat at any time to allow the product to dry aside. You can then continue creating on the second bat. Together with the pottery wheel you get two plastic bats in the package. Other spare bats for Nidec Shimpo RK-5TF are available upon request. 

Plastic bat of pottery wheel Nidec Shimpo RK-5TF

Manufacturer of pottery wheels Nidec Shimpo

The Japanese company Nidec Shimpo Corporation, based in Kyoto, has been producing high-quality pottery wheels since 1952 and is a leader in its field. Nidec Shimpo is a traditional manufacturer and has won a number of Japanese and international awards for its innovative approach. Customers around the world have long been satisfied with their pottery wheels, therefore we recommend it to you.
Manufacturer Nidec Shimpo

Why pottery wheels from us?

We are the exclusive distributor of Nidec Shimpo pottery wheels for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We have the largest quantity of pottery wheels in our market, so we are ready to dispatch the goods immediately. You can buy spare parts from us and we also provide authorized service. Contact us, we will be happy to advise you. 

Advantages of the wheel Nidec ShimpoRK-5TF

• capacity up to 10 kg of thrown materiál  
• easy to clean - one-piece splash pan
• low noise: 55 dB
• weight only 12 kg
• stepless speed adjustment 0 – 230 rpm 
• foot control pedal
• possibility to select the direction of rotation
• compact design – easy storing
• protection againsts overloading and sudden rotation of the wheelhead
• the worldwide known quality of the Japanese brand Nidec Shimpo

Data sheet

Rotation speed0 - 230 rpm
Motor100 W, AC230 V, 50 Hz
Constructiontransmission belt
Wheal-head directionclockwise / counter-clockwise
Noise level55 dB
Speed controlelectronic, stepless
Controlremovable foot pedal
Approximate capacity10 kg
Adjustable heightno
Working height of the wheel-head116 mm
Table-top modelyes
Wheal-headlight aluminum alloy and plastic bat 178 mm
Free rotation at 0 rpmno
Splash panone-piece
Dimensions365 x 515 x 230 mm
Weight12 kg
Ship weight20 kg


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