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Accu glaze sprayer, 1,0 litre

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Tool with built-in accumulator for convenient hand spraying of glazes on ceramic shards.

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The Accu glaze sprayer for glaze spraying is a hand-held sprayer with a 1 litre container that is easy to operate at the touch of a button and fits perfectly in the hand. It is ideal for the application of liquid materials for the decoration of ceramics as glazes. The sprayer has an infinitely adjustable and rotatable nozzle and a 360° spraying function for maximum flexibility when glazing. The device has an integrated Li-ion battery that allows spraying for up to 5 hours at a time, and can be charged using any USB-C charging cable. The advantage is that the fixer maintains a constant pressure, so the application of the glaze is fairly constant. We recommend that the glazing slurry is sieved through a glazing screen with 1000 – 1500 eyes per cm2 (mesh 100 – 120) before use. As protection against damage, the device has an integrated suction filter with a weight to keep it on the bottom at all times.  Into a liter container can be put from approx. 0.25 to 1 litre of liquid glaze.

The acoufixer sprays the glaze in a circle so that it has to be moved during application and does not create a fine aerosol, compared to professional solutions with a compressor, but only fine glaze crumbs. It can thus be used without special spraying boxes using, for example, a box. Excess material can thus be reused after drying and straining. Our glaze accu glaze sprayer is suitable for smaller hobby ceramic workshops, for established workshops we recommend the use of professional guns with compressor and boxes with water curtain.

Spraying glazes in ceramic workshops can be an effective way to apply glazes evenly and quickly. There are various ways to apply glaze by spraying, such as airbrush, spray guns and handheld spraying devices like this accufixer. Spray glazes can achieve a smooth finish and can be used to create unique effects. However, it requires some practice to achieve the desired results.

Note: our liquid glazes are formulated at the ideal density for brush application. If you want to apply them by spraying then in addition to using a glazing sieve you will need to prepare them in a thin consistency.

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Materialplastic, brass, cork
Size360 x 105 x 175 mm (w x h x d)


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Výborný pomocník při glazování, jen je potřeba si vyzkoušet sílu a intenzitu rozprašování. Fixírka je lehká, snadno se ovládá a nabití pomocí USB kabelu je příjemný bonus. Mám z ní radost.

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