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Od Michaela10.06.2024
Zákazník ohodnotil produkt, ale neodeslal recenzi nebo čeká na kontrolu administrátorem
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Top Loaders kilns Nabertherm TOP

Ceramic kiln Nabertherm TOPThe attractive design, low weight, and convincing price-performance ratio are just a few of the advantages of our top loaders. These models always deliver very good firing results and are the right choice for hobby potters and workshops.

The particularly energy-saving refractory insulation and energy efficient backing insulation ensure that a maximum temperature of 1320 °C is reached with low electrical connected loads. The tabletop model Top 16/R is also suitable for testing glazes and firing samples.

For intensive professional use, we recommend our rectangular top loaders or chamber kilns with heating from five sides.

Standard design

  • Heating elements protected in grooves, heating from all around
  • Three-layer insulation with light-weight refractory bricks and high-quality, energy-saving backing insulation, up to 60 liters (two-layer insulation from Top 80)
  • Thermocouple protected in the kiln wall
  • Sturdy, locking castors for easy movement of the kiln
  • Top 16/R available as a tabletop model without castors
  • Defined application within the constraints of the operating instructions



Inner dimensions in mm 


Outer dimensions2 in mm




°CšhvlŠHVload kWconnection*in kg
Top 16/R


Ø 290230164907405602,61fázové32
Top 45/L1320Ø 410340456008907302,91fázové62
Top 451320Ø 410340456008907303,61fázové62
Top 45/R1320Ø 410340456008907305,53fázové162
Top 60/L1200Ø 410460606008908502,91fázové72
Top 601320Ø 410460606008908503,61fázové72
Top 60/R1320Ø 410460606008908505,53fázové172
Top 801320Ø 480460806609608605,53fázové1100
Top 1001320Ø 4805701006609609707,03fázové102
Top 1301320Ø 59046013078010808809,03fázové110
Top 1401320Ø 55057014075010409909,03fázové124
Top 1601320Ø 59057016078010809909,03fázové130
Top 1901320Ø 5906901907801080111011,03fázové146
Top 190/R1320Ø 5906901907801080111013,53fázové146
Top 22013209305904602201120105090015,03fázové150
1Heating only between two phases *Please see page 40 for more information about supply voltage
2External dimensions vary when furnace is equipped with additional equipment. Dimensions on request

Ceramic kiln Nabertherm TOP 60 and TOP 220

Product advantages Top Loaders Nabertherm TOP

Two layer insulation ceramic kiln Nabertherm TOP TOPHousing shell made from stainless steel ceramic kiln Nabertherm TOP
Two-layer insulation with durable light-weight refractory bricks and energy-saving backing insulation adapted to the maximum kiln temperatureHousing shell made from structured stainless steel
Izolace keramických pecí Nabertherm TOPDurable lid seal ceramic kiln Nabertherm TOP

Only insulation materials that are not classified as carcinogenic according to TRGS 905, Class 1 or 2 are used

Durable lid seal (brick on brick)

quick-release lock and padlock ceramic kiln Nabertherm TOPSolid state relays kiln Nabertherm TOP
Adjustable lid with quick-release lock and padlockSolid state relays ensure low noise heater operation
Integrated gas-pressured springs ceramic kiln Nabertherm TOPEasy to use controller ceramic kiln Nabertherm TOP
Integrated gas-pressured springs for easy opening and closing of the lidEasy to use controller for precise temperature control, removable for comfortable operation
 Protected thermocouple - ceramic kiln Nabertherm TOPUkazatel spotřeby el. energie keramické pece Nabertherm TOP

Thermocouple protected in the insulation

Important data about power consumption and operating hours available via the information menu of the controller

adjustable air inlet ceramic kiln NaberthermConnection for an exhaust air pipe for ceramic kiln Nabertherm TOP

Infinitely adjustable air inlet in opening in the kiln bottom for good ventilation and short cooling times

Connection for an exhaust air pipe (80 mm diameter)